For marks that have either become hard to erase or for marks that have been made by anything besides a dry erase marker, please use the following system: Trace over the marks using a black Rite-On marker, making sure to fully cover the mark you are trying to remove. - how to clean a whiteboard, clean your whiteboard, clean dry erase, clean marker board, stains on markerboard, can't erase marker, how to erase marker

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The key to the erasability is good quality erasable marker, which dries quickly and a high-quality writing surface. Recommended Rite-OnTM markers should be kept tightly capped when not in use. With proper care, this marker will have a very long life and remain easily eraseable. Do not use low odor or water-based markers.

The Rite-On marker is designed to be used on an erasable markerboard. It should not be used on any other surface. Best-Rite can assume no responsibility for erasibility if other types of markers are used. Caution: As the ink will set after a period of time and may be very difficult if not impossible to erase, do not leave the marker ink on the board for several day before erasing. Erasing the board every day will help eliminate ghosting or hard-to-erase marks. If the ink is left on the board for several days, the soil mark cleaning procedures will remove the ink, or, the line may be re-inked with any color Rite-On marker, and then when erased the line should disappear - may require multiple applications.

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