For marks that have either become hard to erase or for marks that have been made by anything besides a dry erase marker, please use the following system: Trace over the marks using a black Rite-On marker, making sure to fully cover the mark you are trying to remove. - how to clean a whiteboard, clean your whiteboard, clean dry erase, clean marker board, stains on markerboard, can't erase marker, how to erase marker

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Many new boards will come with a protective clear plastic sheet covering the markable surface. Make sure that you remove any existing protective cover before attempting to use your markerboard. You may lightly cut around the trim of the board and use your finger nails to pull up the clear plastic sheet.

Always whiteboards and markable easels when they are now as some residues may be left on the surface from the manufacturing process. Preferably, clean with MooreCo Green EraseTM board cleaner and a microfiber cleaning cloth. Alternatively, use a glass cleaner or an alcohol based cleaner. Be sure to completely rinse any remaining residue from the board by lightly rinsing it with clean water after cleaning.

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General Cleaning Instructions