For marks that have either become hard to erase or for marks that have been made by anything besides a dry erase marker, please use the following system: Trace over the marks using a black Rite-On marker, making sure to fully cover the mark you are trying to remove. - how to clean a whiteboard, clean your whiteboard, clean dry erase, clean marker board, stains on markerboard, can't erase marker, how to erase marker

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Soil marks (such as paint, oil, crayon stains, tape marks, etc.), which cannot be removed with washing, may be removed without damage to the board surface by using MooreCo Green EraseTM, household cleaners or cleaning fluids such as denatured alcohol or glass cleaner. Under no circumstances should cleaners which contain paint remover be used.

Accidental usage of permanent marker on porcelain steel markerboards:
  1. Using a dry erase marker, test the dry erase marker on an inconspicuous area of the surface you want cleaned to see if it wipes off cleanly (but only after 1 minute or so, so that the ink can dry)
  2. Draw over the entire permanent mark with the dry erase marker. Give it 5+ seconds for the marker to dry completely, otherwise it will smear.
  3. Wipe both marks away with a lint free cloth or microfiber.
  4. If the mark has been dried on for several days, repeat the steps while applying steady pressure with the microfiber cleaning cloth.

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